It was a well-known belief that when you go on a travel, your diet and fitness level go down the bushes too. This is one of the main problems for those people who wants a continuous fitness regimen and for those who just started one.

For travelers, I compile these simple “On-the-Go” exercises. You can always incorporate your regular fitness programs or start a new program when on a travel. Being creative is the key, learn new techniques. It will help you get healthy and fit while reducing your stress and increasing the day’s productivity.

These are some of the travel tips and exercise “On-theGo” routines.

  1. It is better to book a daytime flight, more activities can be done upon arrival and being active can lessen the effect of jet lag.
  2. Walk! The best way to sight-seeing, Shopping is thru walking. Walking helps you maintain your fitness at the same time you can appreciate the view more.
  3. Remember to hydrate once in a while. So always tag along bottled water or power drinks of your choice.
  4. When eating out on the road, try ordering without looking at the menu. Arrive at the restaurant with a healthy meal in mind, like steamed vegetables or broiled chicken, and just order it. Fruits help a lot too.

Exercise “On-the-Go”

  1. Cardio > 30 mins walking ( so far most travelers walk for more than 30 mins. )
  2. Body weight exercises such as:
    1. Squat  X  20 reps  X  2 sets
    2. Lunges  X 15 reps  X 2  sets each leg
    3. Calf Raises  X 20 reps X 2 sets
    4. Push up  X 15  reps  X 2  sets (push up preferences >wall pushup.on knees. On floor)
    5. Back bracing  X 20 reps X 2 sets
    6. Triceps dips X 15 reps X 2 sets
    7. Crunches X 20 reps X 2 sets

continue routine for the whole travel time (1-3 weeks)

Stay healthy and fit!!!